Hey, I'm a bassist that dusted off my acoustic a couple weeks ago and was quickly amazed how easy it was to pick up chicks with it! So I was looking for some slow love song types. I've known how to play acoustic for 2yrs, but i've only played collectivly a few months, i'm limited to moderate type songs. Thanks for the help.
This Years Love - David Gray

Any James Blunt songs (You'll need a capo for both these suggestions).
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oasis - wonderwall
sensefield - save yourself
dave matthews band - crash
jack johnson - better together
extreme - more than words
john mayer - comfortable
john mayer - your body is a wonderland
Victoria-John Mayer (especially if the girl you're playing for has a 2-syllable name, then replace Tori with her name
Miss you (acoustic)- Incubus
Tisbury Lane- Mae
Stare At The Sun (acoustic) -Thrice