ok this is a complete noob question but oh well. On a guitar what is the purpose of a truss rod, does it just help secure the neck to the body or what?

thanks for the help
i havent read into the truss rod before, all i know is, if your putting on a set of 12's or more, your best ''twisting'' it so the strings sit right, something about tension. hopefully someone on here knows, id like to know to;.

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it straightens out the neck due to the tension caused by the strings pulling the headstock to the body so the point of the truss rod is to counter act that force making the neck straight. now the tension changes with string gauge for example with smaller string gauges there is less tension so you dont need to counteract the pressure that much but when you move up to larger gauges the neck will start to warp and the truss rod needs to be adjusted to counteract the tension caused by the new strings.

hope that explains it
I'll try keep this simple.

Your strings pull on the neck, making it bend.
The truss rod stops the neck bending too much.

It sn't connected to the body at all, it's in the neck only.
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