So I've had my guitar for a few months and havent really sat down and tried to do anything. Latley I have wanted to start playing but I dont know how to begin Should I just start learning cords and scales and then find some easy songs and start to trya nd play them? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
You should take lessons, it might seem like a waste of money, but it's worth it.
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Lessons atleast till you get going.

P.S.: In music it's spelled Chords. But thats ok made the same mistake when I started.
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Well I learnt how to read and play from tabs then once I was used to playing I got into learning techniques and theory. Lessons are probably better cos I got into bad habits that limited my playing ability and were hard to get out of, i.e. bad posture holding on to the neck too hard etc.
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I learnt an awful lot from my freinds, besides I think there should be enough help from the lessons on this site
the first things i learnt to play were simple riffs for songs like smoke on the water, paint it black, come as you are etc.

i would recommend trying things like that and as soon as you manage to play one you'll be like wow that was amazing and you'll be on the road to learning to do whatever you want on the guitar.