Well, here's a write up of yesterday's gig for you all. Enjoy.

Part I - The Set

Having gotten there relatively early so as to get quite close to the stage (was about 20-30 feet away, fantastic view) I was forced to sit through the supports; Chris Difford, some other band, Starsailor and Texas.
Chris Difford (formely of Squeeze) was pretty bad; his lyrics were abysmal, the music was quite boring, cheesy and easily forgettable. But he knew his place, and he looked like he was enjoying himself somewhat.
The next band, called (I think) 'Breaks Co-Op' were diabolical; the worst band I've ever had the misfortune of having to listen to. If you ever come across this band, stay well away, they're absolutely terrible.
Next up, Starsailor. Only heard one of their songs before, they seemed alright. Not entirely my kind of music, but they put on an alright show and their music was catchy and easy to sing along to. Decent crowd interaction, overall not too bad.
Now come Texas; they've been around a while, so you'd expect them to know how to put on a show. And they did; once again, they're not my kind of music, but they're not all that bad. Decent interaction, and being a simple pop-rock band they're easy enough to dance and sing along to. Crowd interaction was brilliant; the usual stuff, but the singer started calling out this guy who was telling her to come down to him, she was humiliating him badly, and then towards the end someone threw a shoe at the stage and she was cussing him out, telling him he was a fucking twat and to just fuck off because they're not wanted.
Overall, it wasn't too bad; the first two support acts were pretty bad, but the last two were quite entertaining. The thing that mainly let it down, was the company hosting the event (Hard Rock they're called) were playing videos of other bands that they've had at other concerts in between the acts. The songs from concerts they played were:
Good Charlotte - The Anthem
Simple Plan - Shut Up
Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (finally a good video...)

They may have been a couple of other concert songs they showed, but I can't remember who they were. They were probably in the same vein as the the first four, so certainly not worth remembering.

After Texas left, there was obviously a lot of equipment to set up, but instead of playing videos, they blasted Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs through the speakers; definately a nice change from the previous songs played between set changes.

Must've been about twenty past seven when Roger finally came on. The band blasted into 'In The Flesh' and then ran through their first set. The visuals were - as per usual - brilliant, and there were huge vertical sprinklers and on-stage mini-flamethrowers which were pretty cool. The sound was excellent; each instrument was clearly heard, and nothing overpowered anything else too much. The only thing that let the performance down was the crowd; during Roger telling the story of how he came to writing 'Leaving Beirut' and through 'Southampton Dock' and 'The Fletcher Memorial Home' the people were cheering drunkenly instead of listening and focusing on what he was trying to get across. The fat, drunken men dulled the performance slightly, and you could certainly sympathise with Roger as to why he didn't want to play stadiums, but it was still a great show.
The first set:

In The Flesh - Great opening, everyone belting out along with Roger, most people with their hands waving wildly and a few people - myself included - making the facist symbol thing he makes during the same song in the Wall film, and holding that sign up. Great song to open with, great delivery.

Mother - Roger swaps his bass for the acoustic, and launches into Mother. The usual cheering when Roger sings 'Mother do you think they'll like the song?' and the jeering when the pictures of Bush show up and he sings the line 'Mother should I trust the Government?' with Roger shaking his head in a refusal of it once he sang it. One of the lady singers - can't remember her name - same the chorus bit, and she had a lovely voice which really showed. Snowy White delivered the guitar solo with his usual brilliance, and the song continued.

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - The played slowed down clips of the Arnold Lane video, and a lot of psychedelic images on the screens. Roger did hit a couple of duff notes with his vocals, but on the whole it was pretty good. Snowy White let himself go, great solo which really matched the mysterious mood of the song.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Roger picks up his bass again, and the keyboard drone starts. Everyone goes absolutely wild. What was weird was that Snowy went straight into the four-note riff, there wasn't the long drawn out guitar part at the start. Roger looked a bit annoyed at that, so I'm not sure if it was planned or they forgot to play it or what. But other than that, it was a great renedition of the song. Clips of Barrett and a lot psychedelic images on the screens. The same as the Delicate Sound Of Thunder renedition, so they last verse was ommitted. Great song, another fantastic delivery.

Have A Cigar - Few more duff notes on the vocals, but on the whole very well done. Roger seeming to spit the vocals out bitterly, very good vocal performance which allowed for the one or two duff notes to be overlooked. Dave Kilminster delivered the solo this time, played well.

Wish You Were Here - Roger puts down the bass and grabs the acoustic guitar again. An image of a radio flickers onto the screen, the fuzzle comes, the voices, and Snowy plays the riff. Everyone goes absolutely crazy. Dave K. plays the solo bit over the intro, and Roger launces into the vocals. The second verse comes round, and I half-cringe expecting a repeat of the Live 8 vocal, but he hits the note and carries on with the verse. Dave K. plays the solo - unfortunately without the scat singing - and the last verse comes around with everyone in the audience belting it out, actually drowning out Roger. Dave K. goes round to play the outro solo, this time with the scat singing, then they all sing the last verse again and once more everyone joins in, belting it out and drowning out Roger.

Southampton Dock - Keeping the acoustic, Roger lowers the microphone, pulls out a stool and sits down for this one. He sung with so much passion and emotion in his voice; it's a good song anyway, but this was an incredibly moving renedition. Hats off to Roger on an amazing vocal delivery. Images from The Final Cut film played on the screen.

The Fletcher Memorial Home - Launches straight into it; again an amazing vocal delivery. He was singing it all out and he seemed to be on the verge of tears. Images of Bush, Thatcher, the Fletcher Home itself, Bin Laden and a few others showing up on the screen. Solo played brilliantly well by Snowy White. This song came as very much a surprise to me, and was one of the highlights of the evening. Very moving experience.

Perfect Sense, Part I & Part II - Well, Roger puts down his acoustic, takes the microphone off the stand and walks around the stage. First time I've seen Roger perform without an intstrument on him. Good song, although not many people seemed to know it. The same lady who sang the chorus on 'Mother' sang the female vocal parts very well. She's got a great voice.

Leaving Beirut - He tells us the story of how he was stranded because his car had broken down, and he was taken in by an Arab family who treated him very well. The crowd cheer, clearly not understanding that it's a serious song and not just some mindless rock 'n' roll thing, but oh well. He launches into the song, and on the screen is playing out a storyboard of the events, and the lyrics to the song so people could see what he was singing. Everyone cheered when he sings the 'Oh George, that Texas education must've fucked you up when you were young' line. Again, a really moving performance of the song. An intro guitar solo was provided by Andy Fairweather Low and the saxophonist had a solo too. Brilliant performance of a pretty good song.

Sheep - Roger thanks the crowd, and picks up his bass again. The sheep start baa'ing, and a load of people cheer. The keyboard riff starts out, the drums bang out and the band launch into the song. Roger's vocals were surprisingly good, he's definately still got it. The exit to the song with the guitar riff was astoundingly good on the album, but even better than that on live. Brilliant delivery of a brilliant song. Images of a man sleeping on a park bench and wandering round various industrial areas of London on the screen.
Roger thanks the crowd again, tells them that they'll take a ten minute break and then come back out and do Dark Side Of The Moon. Everyone cheers and Roger and the band wave and leave the stage.
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Part II - (The) Dark Side Of The Moon

So ten minutes goes past. A seemingly very long ten minutes, but eventually Roger and the band come out.

"Before we play, I'd like to introduce an old friend of mine," he says into the microphone and the crowd cheer. "Please welcome, Mr. Nick Mason!"
Nick comes on holds his sticks up and everyone goes wild.

Then the hearbeat starts. We all know the setlist for this section, we all know the album. And let me just say, seeing it live was absolutely fucking amazing. The visuals during Any Colour You Like and On The Run were insanely trippy, and very impressive.

Speak To Me - Well, not much to say really. The heartbeat starts, everyone cheers, the voices start, everyone cheers even more. The laughter kicks in, and...

Breathe - ... the first chord is struck. Everyone goes even wilder than they have been, John Carin does the slide work, and leans forward to sing the vocals. Everyone sings along, and all is good.

On The Run - Well, I don't quite know what to say for this one. This is the one track on the album I don't like all that. I can see where it ties in and how it works, but I just never really liked it. Ah well. The synths start, and four minutes later and some really crazy light projections later, the sparklers shoot out. Everyone cheers, and the clocks start.

Time - One of the highlights of the album, and the show. The people are clapping along to the intro, the drums kick in and Roger steps - unnessecarily - up to microphone. You can't hear him sing; you can see him singing but everyone in the crowd is belting the words out far too loudly for Roger to be heard. The 'chorus' comes along and John Carin steps in to take care of the vocals, with Dave K. doing a harmony part for the last two lines. He then rips into the solo, brings it to a close, and Roger attempts - and once again fails - to make himself heard. Second chorus comes around, and the once more the crowd sing a bit more quietly, allowing John's vocals to ring out.
Then the first chord of the Breathe Reprise is played, and this time John does get drowned out by the people singing. Brilliantly played, although it would've been nice to hear Roger .

(The) Great Gig In The Sky - The lady who sang this blew me away. Her vocal range was brilliant, her voice was beautiful and she absolutely nailed the song. A few drunkards started trying to sing along to it which was quite funny, but the song was played calmly, reflectively and sung beautifully.

Money - The cash machines start rolling, and Roger repeats his Live 8 mistake and comes in too early. No worries though, the rest of the band follow suit, and the song kicks in, once again with everyone singing along. Dave K. delievered vocals this time, and he could be heard. The saxophone solo was played brilliantly, and then Dave K. kicked in and played the guitar solo with Roger waltzing up and down the stage, thumping out the bassline.

Us & Them - Great song; slow, meaningful, beautiful. Dave K. and John Carin delievered the vocals for this one, but each time the 'chorus' came around they were completely drowned out. Played magnificently well, brilliant delivery once again with the saxophone solo.

Any Colour You Like - Woo! Great jam song this one. Not much to say for this one; John Carin looked like he was having a lot of fun with the synth noodling, and Dave K. once again delivered the solo flawlessly. His rhythm parts while the synths were playing were a bit iffy, but nothing majorly noticable.

Brain Damage - Roger was a bit flat during the second verse, but good otherwise. Brilliantly played, the animation was fantastic; shots of the moon, the spacecraft landing on the moon, a pill which grows in size and explodes with a load of grey brains coming out of it. Really well animated.

Eclipse - Well, what can you say about Eclipse? Roger, John, Dave K. and the ladies all sing together to bring the set to a close, with most of the people singing their hearts out with them and cheering madly at the end.
Roger thanks everyone, calls the rest of the band up, they all bow and leave the stage.

Part III - Encores

Well all the lights went off on stage but nobody comes to move equipment away, as per usual. A few poor saps actually thought that was it and started heading for the exit, but ah well. Their loss.
Everyone starts chanting 'Roger, Roger!' or 'Encore!' and clapping to the syllables, this goes on for a good three or four minutes before the lights all flicker on and Roger, Nick and the band come out again. Roger says he'd like to take the moment to introduce the band, and introduces each of them and their instrument indivdually. Everyone cheers, and a helicopter blasts out loudly.

The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Roger looks up at the sky in false surprise and loads of other people look up, and start looking around, and Roger smiles in a joking way, which was quite well done I thought. The helicopter noise carries on and he points into the crowd. "You! Yes you! Stand still laddy!"
Everyone cheers and the band launch into the song. Was played very well, the only problem being you couldn't hear Roger's vocals for the first bit very well. It was good nonetheless.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part II - Well everyone knows this one. Everyone sings their heart out both times round, over-powering both Roger for the first time and then John, Andy and the ladies when they sing for the second time round. The visuals of the marching hammers were cool, and Dave K. played the main solo, with Snowy playing another solo afterwards. At the end of the solos, they sing it - and are once again overpowered - once last time. Everyone goes nuts.

Vera - Wasn't expecting this, and I don't think many people were. Alright song, was performed well, lots of people sang along to it.

Bring The Boys Back Home - Following straight in from Vera; not nessecarily expected, but you can see why it was done, as they follow directly on from each other. The trumpet sounds slightly overpowered Roger's vocals, the 'bring the boys back home' words were scrolled across the screens in red letters and everyone in the crowd once again sang - or shouted - their hearts out.

Comfortably Numb - A song that can only be described as perfect. Everyone sings along with Roger for the verses, but don't drown him out, and then everyone sang a bit louder along with Dave K. and John Carin for the pre-chorus, and then belted the one-line chorus, drowning out all the singers on stage. Dave K. played the first solo.
Second verse followed much in the same vein as the first, with the crowd screaming horribly out of tune along with the female singers. Pre-chorus and the chorus followed again in the same vein as the first time round.
Dave K. played the main solo, the Snowy played one. Then they both took another solo each, and played a small harmony solo afterwards. Wasn't as good as the version on the 'In The Flesh' DVD, but pretty good nonetheless. Whole load of people air-guitaring, and it was very fun.
What was very cool, was during the 'I have become Comfortably Numb' chorus line, the little flamethrowers on stage went up, but there were two huge flamethrowers one at each end, right high up on the sides of the screens that streamed off. Very cool pyro stuff.
The song finishes, everyone explodes with applause. Roger and the band all step forward and bow, Roger and Nick embrace, they all bow again, and then leave the stage. The lights go down and everyone starts to mill out of the arena.
In closing, the London authorities manage to keep themselves going in their typical style; a concert in Hyde Park with 70,000 + people, so they close the Hyde Park Corner underground station for a while. Smart or what?

All in all, it was a great concert, and Roger has definately still got a lot of passion and talent left in him. If you get the chance to see him, don't pass it up.

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sounds like you had a great time. i would go to see him if he came here but o well. souded like an amazing show.
Two words:

Lucky B*st*rd
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Oh my god I would've killed to be at that concert. Infact, I'm going to kill someone just because I didn't get to go. And I think it's only fair that the threadstarter be my first victim.
sounds like a brilliant concert and a great review too
nice work

id love to see roger and im glad he still has some juice in his voice
especially on sheep
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Lucky you, wish I could have been there. That's a great track listing. I saw David in April, who I prefer over Roger. Wish I could have heard some of the songs that Roger played there though.
I can't believe you remembered all that.. sounds like an amazing show.

Have you thought about submitting that to the UG reviews section?
wow. Sounds great. I can't wait for September
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Great review,
I know what you mean when Drunk idiots are yelling and screaming during the most unnecesary times.
I remember when I saw him in 2000 he's playing a slow song like mother or something and people are just yelling and screaming like there at a brittney spears concert or sumthin.
It pissed me off but thats just the nature of the beast I guess.
^^well, be thankful that they weren't throwing fireworks
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Step 1: Buy a Gibson SG
Step 2: Insert Green Ringer, EQ, 3 dead squirrels and a microwave into said SG
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^^well, be thankful that they weren't throwing fireworks

Haha, indeed, we all know what happened last time they did that...

To threadstarter: Sounds like you had a great time, I bet the concert was a blast, I wish Roger was coming by here.
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^^well, be thankful that they weren't throwing fireworks

Yeah ..... Roger's spit might accidently have landed on your head

God that would have been hilarious
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ohhh burrrrn!
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Well roger included Vera and Bring the Boys back home cause on the wall they both loop together into comfortably numb, so Vera, Bring the Boys Back Home, and Comfortably Numb could have been one song if they wanted too. Before numb they play the flashback sequence with all the soundbytes heard before the album so those two songs add a effect.
I don't know, I was really drunk at the time
I've been mad for fucking years, absolutely years, over the edge for yonks...

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WOW, dispite me not being a big floyd/waters fan, im compelled to go after hearing that...
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Two words:

Lucky B*st*rd


Sounds like an amazing show

EDIT: who bumped this after months
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anyways, I saw him a week later in Berlin. Same set list, same show, same greatness!

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I went Hyde Park, was watching England crash out of the World Cup for all the support acts, but manged to get as far forward as the sound desk, which was a nice central position, imbeteewn those massive speakers.

My digital camera ran out of batteries though unfortunately, so ive only got a few recordings of the songs on my mobile phone. Shame he cant release the performance on DVD or somthing.

But yeah, was a great day, Snowy White was very good on all the solos, apart from Comfortably Numb, which when youve heard Gilmours version at Earls court 94, goes without saying.
I just looked again and thats the same exact set more or less he did last night in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

It was pretty good overall. The special effects weren't much, but the playing was great. I though the Leaving Beirut song was a bit sappy but its more of his style. The set was highly political, aside from the Leaving Beirut song even. When playing Us & Them there were allusions to Iraq in the form of pictures on the screen, and when they did Another Brick In The Wall they had images from Palestine and such. A more than I would have liked but it fit in pretty well.

Comfortably Numb was the outro song of course at the end of the encore, though I didn't like the solos at the end at all. Both guitarists tried to get the Gilmour wails out of their guitars but it just came out sounding reptitive and annoying. Ah well, Time made up for it earlier.

Time was my favourite song of the set. The whole band got really into it, as did the crowd, and it was definitely a good rendition. Then again, my weed brownie was hitting with full force at this point so it could have been that.

Overall it was pretty good, and the brownie beforehand made it definitely worth it. Still don't care for Waters and his own solo songs that much, but seeing the Dark Side of the Moon performed was way worth it.

BajEdit: Just remembered, the girl who did Great Gig In The Sky was sick as hell!! Amazing performance by a true diva.

BajEdit 2: Heh, also remember the guitarist "Snowy" fucking up and trying to start the sing-along part too early during Another Brick In The Wall in the encore. hehe, you sort of need to actually know the pink floyd songs if you want to play them
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Quote by Little Joe II
Shame he cant release the performance on DVD or somthing.
he has to release a show on DVD. I mean, it's the first time Roger has perfomed Dark Side in it's entirety since 1975. He must.
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Quote by BrainDamage
he has to release a show on DVD. I mean, it's the first time Roger has perfomed Dark Side in it's entirety since 1975. He must.

they had some cameras set up near the stage at the one I went to. Don't know who they were for though.
I think they where mainly to just project his face or whatever needed showing on the big screens on eiether side of the stage.

Maybe they where filming though, never know, guess we wont know until the tour ends in October.
yeah, those cameras were probably for the screens. I wonder if all the shows are professionally recorded, they should atleast be recorded on audio.
How to achieve Frank Zappa's guitar tone:
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Step 1: Buy a Gibson SG
Step 2: Insert Green Ringer, EQ, 3 dead squirrels and a microwave into said SG
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