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Hello all, I just picked up an old guitar from my grandma's garage. I have NEVER heard of this brand before, and when I try to look it up on google, nothing comes up. It says "Starforce 8000" on it and that's about all the info I have. That and the fact that my uncle bought it off some guy on a gambling boat. It's really run-down. The electronics are fried, only one string is left, the switch, (which I have no idea what it's for, considering the fact that there's only one pick up, which I'm sure is pretty crappy as well), is about to fall off, the high e tuner is not tunable, and the knobs fall off at random times. I was wondering if anyone has any information on this guitar/brand and maybe some advice for fixing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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i would save up my money and restore the thing

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well im bored so i did some googling and found out some stuff not sure it its usefull tho.. seems starforce is the name or the make/manufacturer and 8000 is its series number, altho i couldnt find nething specificly about the 8000 series theres some stuff about the 8007 series on here - http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/Data4/Starforce/8007-1.html

Not sure how to go about fixing it or whatever though...
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Could you put up a picture of it?

The first thing I'd suggest is to check if the neck is still straight. If it looks playable, buy some new tuners and strings. Get some cheap ones, they don't have to be too good as long as they work.

What do you mean by the electronics being fried? Check all the connections. If that doesn't help, it could be that the pickup is dead and needs rewinding. It's hard to tell without checking in the guitar.
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I don't have a camera, so I can't post a picture, sorry. But it does look playable and I'm going to take it to guitar center today to see what they have to say about it. I'm not sure if it's worth restoring or not, so hopefully they'll be honest with me. What I mean by the electronics being fried is that when I try to plug it in, the cord just falls out and even when I hold it in, I don't get any response. Sorry, but I don't know anything what so ever about the electronics in guitars...but thank you for your help, greatly appreciated.
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haha that sounds like a screwed guitar. It also sounds like the electronics are fried too but hey if it plays nice it plays nice.
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I have a Starforce 8000 too but my number is 8000GF which is the color on the end. I can't find anything about the 8000 either except googling I found this thread. lol I am just going to keep searching I presume until I find out more about this particular model.