can someone help me please. im a beginner and i want to buy a wah-wah pedal and i'd like to have some suggestions. Please give the price. CAN$

Id suggest a dimebag darrel wah, its $220 on lamusic.ca and it is a very versitile wah, alot of different sounds from it. I played one and i really liked it, it just takes a while to get a sound you like, i am getting one after i get a Rhoads guitar.
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i thoght about a crybaby but i wasn't sure wich one i should to take cause there are like 12 kind of dunlop crybaby
do not get a dunlop crybaby original they are horrible, i have one
all the signature dunlop wahs are basically crap for a higher price too, sure they have some more features, but they dont help.
if your dead set on a dunlop, get a cheap one and mod it, then it will be decent
i would recomend a vox v847, i have heard many great things about it... if you are strictly wanting to ONLY play heavy metal, the ibanez weeping demon would be a good choice also
does digitech have good wah's?cause i heard that digitech has pretty good distortion pedals. what about wah's.