I'm a metal head, and curious enough it was a metal band taht got me intriuged in jazz. If you have the time, or have already heard it, theres a, in my opinion, a wonderful jazz like solo at 3:13 in the song "Mordecai" by Between the Buried and Me.

If you know of any jazz type solos that sound similar, please tell me them.

Any suggestions for jazz groups?

Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't know of any other jazz solos, but I'd like to note that "Mordecai" can be downloaded from BTBAM's website, in the "Media" section. By the way, "Mordecai" is my most favorite song of BTBAM's. :thumbs up:
Some good jazz guitarists:

Bucky Pizzarelli
John Pizzarelli
Pat Methany
john Scofield
Vic Juris
Frank Vignola
Grant Green
Marvin Sewell

Thats just a small list, but i hope it helps you out.
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it's not exactly jazz
it reminds me of the clean solos from Incubus or Mars Volta songs, actually

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