Well, I wanted this to sound like slash. I recorded this within an hour. As usual the drums are **** because their not real, and I dont have a bass so i do it on my guitar. Theres piles of mistakes in there but I left them in to get a gritty sort of feel (well thats one excuse ). So tell me what you think and, as always, crit for crit.

i never listened to GnR and i hate velvet so i wouldnt know how 'slash' it sounds.
starts off ok, then doesnt sound so appealing. kinda sounds like filler material :P
repeated powerchord gets boring.. NOW its starting. Lead tone could be better overall in my opinion. most of the song flows well, however some of the lead is very good but it is let down by some really bland notes in many places.
Ending fits well too. keep playing!!

hope my crit was of any use to you! and my latest track is here (no guitar leads in this one for me ):

thanks in advance
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hi sorry for the double post and posting this in YOUR thread, but i just re uploaded my song with a lead guitar part in at 1:48. if you wouldnt mind would you re-listen to it? thanks alot.
Sounds Awesome Dude
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