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Anyone know of any songs that only use bass and drums, and no guitar?
The only one I know is Pulling Teeth by Metallica, and I'm looking for some others.
Thanks in advance.
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big bottem by spinal tap! lol

yes, but you need 3 basses. awesome song, though

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Death From Above 1979 even though they suck,.

Death From Above 1979 is amazing
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Rage Against the Machine has great bass and drums, and the guitar i usually just a filler.
well, obviously the awakening is a drum and bass solo.

almost everything by joseph patrick moore is strickly bass, and of course all of a show of hands.
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i think Mustapha Dance by The Clash has a great bass line innit and the bass and drums is the part that sticks out the most. ((the song is a B-Side of rock the casbah, which you may or may not have noticed it has a really good bass line)) But the bass line is fun to play and the guitar can barely really be heard that much
victor wooten's solo stuff is all bass and drums. not his bela fleck stuff tho.
Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan, some primus stuff...
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Death From Above 1979 even though they suck,.

Take it back.
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Death From Above 1979 even though they suck,.

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I thought there was a whole genre dedicated to drum and bass?
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seven nation army by the white stripes. its a guitar playing a bassline so whatever
Like everyone is saying
Death from above 1979... soo good! try: black history month, romantic rights and sexy results
also daft punk has some sweet drum and bass stuff but they also use alot of guitar too... like aerodynamic... basicly the best song ive ever heard (with guitar solo)
abd theres the Gorillaz
Feel good inc. and kids with guns are some sweet sounding ones and theres also starshine form their firts album
if your looking for strictly drum and bass wander into hip hop and the Drum and bass (obviously) genres
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come on guys, the thread is about songs that are strictly bass (and drums)...nobody really cares who thinks who rocks or who sucks, this is the bass forum...I've never heard of these Death From Above 1979 guys/girls but I wouldnt care who liked them or hated them either way...oh and btw metalstillsucks, threatening someone over the internet on a forum? sure showed him!

On topic, I'd say look up some solo artist guys such as Victor Wooten (Classical Thump, Me and My Bass Guitar), Jaco Pastorius (Portrait of Tracy, BlackBird), Bill Dickens (Check out his website), and some guys on myspace like Scourge said, try looking for Seth Horan on myspace...Hes a great singer and a monster on his 6 string bass...I dont know much about drum n bass but that is a genre of music so you can look that up if you're interested...
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I've been into drum and bass since i was 12, and there isn't ONE tune that is ONLY drums and bass, they use a lot of synthesis, rhodes keyboards, samples etc...
someone needs to tell the guy from Death From above that everything above the 12th fret is guitar notes and he should just play guitar instead of being gimmicky as a "Lead Bass Player" all the time.
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victor wooten's solo stuff is all bass and drums. not his bela fleck stuff tho.

actually his first album, no drums at all. just his bass.
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Waiting for my ruca by Sublime is bass and drums.
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^If I remember correctly, there isn't anything terribly interesting going on in that song.

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Pea from flea

YES, tht is a mint song. so nice and calm at the start then swearing, but keepin the calm level. FLEA rocks, haha brilliant
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70's MOD Jazz->
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Defenitaly death from above 1979.
I think they make really good music for just two guys.
Also, some jazz is bass and drums, but has a sax or trumpet soloing overtop.
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n.i.b....i usually just tune the guitar out (if any)

For sure NIB....and most other sabbath songs...
anything from marc wallace
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
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