Ok so i've got some money burning a whole in my jeans, and i wanted something to do for the summer so i've decided to build a custom guitar. I've placed a bid for a body on ebay, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-BLUE-STRAT-ELECTRIC-GUITAR-BODY-NO-NECK_W0QQitemZ260002096276QQihZ016QQcategoryZ42455QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
and i'm going to do it very similar to absinthe5765's squier strat idea. ( unless he has a major problem with me being inspired by him) So can anybody give me any advice or hints to help me out?

oh i forgot to say im having a single humbucker, i play alot of punk and ska any suggestions?
keep us updated can't wait to see finished also what type finish you tinking of? need help deciding?
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For punk and ska i'd say a Seymour Duncan Invader. My favorite single bridge pickup. For punk anyway.

There are many easy but cool paint jobs you could do:
-Paint it all white, with a red 'bloodstain' on the bottom, as if you hit someone on the head with it

-Soak balls of toilet paper and cotton wool in paint and throw it at the guitar. Cover it with colourful splodges. I've never seen it done, but I think it would be cool.

-paint it Surf Green and put on a pearl scratchplate/pickguard, what ever you call it. Just like Tom Delonge's guitar. I think it looks great.

-What Van Halen did

-Consummate V's. Let me find a pic
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cool cheers for the advice, i've been looking at the seymour duncan and it looks and sounds ( on the seymour duncan website) sweet. For the finish i was thinking of doing it like absinthe5765s strat

Which i actually think looks really good.
cheers for the help, i should be getting the body in a couple of days so i will post some pictures and news.
Yeah i live in jolly old england so i would be paying more then the cost of the parts in shipping

cheers anyway
I'm pretty sure that pot will work. 500k is my preferred value. I'm not sure about the logarithmic/liner thing, but I guess it should work, since the site says so.


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The Body, bridge and scratchplate arrived today and i have noticed a small problem. when lined i lined up the bridge, some of the hole underneath is still showing. is there anything i can do about it or will i have to put up with it?

cheers, i should be posting pics later today
Ok, i know its a couple of days late but i've uploaded a picture of the parts of my guitar i have received. Tell me what you think.
Looks great. Yeah what I used was Hodge Podge, its a paintable glue that keeps it nice and stuck to the body. Make sure its nice and flat then I used many very very small layers of gloss. One thing u gotta promise u wont do is put a crap load of gloss, cuz with magazine clipping the ink likes to run very easily.

Other than that, its a fairly easy process. Me and a few of my friends went through stacks and stacks of magazines making sure to get pieces of all sizes (expecially tons of tiny ones to covery the small cracks) then one by one glued them all on.

P.S. Good lookin body.
i dont know if its too late, but for parts, www.axesrus.co.uk is brilliant, along with www.maplin.co.uk .

check those out.
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cool cheers, i'm not doing the hodge podge idea anymore, i'm probably gonna go for an evh style, white with black stripes. cheers for the sites, i still need to get some more stuff so il keep them in mind. Btw, my dad reckons the best way to remove the paint will be with a heat gun, any thoughts?
Well, personally i never liked the EVH paint job and i think its over-done, i'd go for something original if i were you, hence why i chose what i have chosen for my squier re-vamp (sig). Also, apparently a heat gun works well, but i haven't tried this. To remove the paint on my strat i used a power sander (Black and Decker Mouse to be precise) with 80 grit sandpaper and it took me about 3 hours to do the whole thing.
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you can get that toneblaster stack at the cost of your dignity.

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fine, screw the cheese sandwich if you must...

i dont think a heat gun will work that well. if you dont want to sand it you can always chemically strip it. or else just use a power sander.
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yeah, i'm liking your paint job. I was thinking checkers but that could be a bit tryhard?
I'd sand it if I were you. It may take longer, but it's safer and enviromentally friendly.

I like the colour as it is (red n' black strat = my prefered guitar aesthetic), but the checkered idea would be cool. You'd have to do big squares if it's your first time, but that would look cool, too.
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polka dots would be very cool, to do them, i suggest you stick down a load of tape, bigger than the circle will be, then draw out the circle accuratey and then using a sharpie cut out the circle and then spray.
yeah il be sure to post a pic, i should be buying the paints and starting at the weekend.
ok so i have'nt posted anything or really done anything for a while for various reasons, however now, i've got the first 2 coats of primer on and tomorow i should get the first few coats of black paint on, pics to come later this evening.
Flames or racing stripes would looking good on a strat.
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ok so finally heres some pics

one is the front, with the first coat of white primer on, the other is the rear after 3 coats of black.

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Flames or racing stripes would looking good on a strat.

Thanks for the idea, i'm thinking either with your racing stripe idea or possibly polka dots, does anybody have any suggestions for doing this?

Racing stripes are easy: stick two strips of masking tape on the guitar, and spray carefully between them. Then, when you remove the tape, you'll have a straight line.

Flames are more difficult as you have to mark curves. I suggest cutting out a paper flame stencil, then sticking that to the guitar with a narrow tape. I've seen it done before, but it looks pretty hard, especially to make realistic flames (I can't draw flames....just like I can't draw horses). I'd stick to dots or stripes for a first project.
^Can't draw Dave Grohl eh?

I saw the pic of the back and that paint is very sexy looking! Keep up the gd work!

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U cud like do the same thing as the stripes but with sum circle stickers (dunno where ud get them) or like just tape up squares and cut them with a compass into circles.

"Show me war; show me pestilence; show me the blood-red hands of retribution..."
ok cool, i'm going to do a couple of racing stripes with a stripe all around the side of the guitar, the stripes will be either orange or red. I just got some more money from doing odd jobs so i should have the paint job finished soon.