Ok. I have a 4 track tascam tape recorder. I want to make a demo of my band. We have 2 guitars that i would like to do in stereo, bass, drums, and vocals. So that comes out to 5 tracks. Im pretty sure they dont make 5 track recorders, so how can i do this? could i do the instruments, then do vocals over them after or somthing? Please Help!
Just record all of the instruments, play the tape with those recorded on through a different tape player, connected to your tascam one, say in input #1, then have the mic connected to input #2, and record those 2 together on a seperate tape.
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It's actually quite likely that you'll probably want more than one channel for the drums at some point, especially in stereo, so you'd probably be happier with an eight track.

Anyway, as a quick fix you could 'bounce' two of the tracks down onto one track. Get the balance of them exactly right and how you want them, with level and sound and such and then record both of those tracks onto a spare track (you did keep one spare right ).

This is called bouncing, it can be done on most tape recorders.
^Yeah, it's still possible with one input too.

Record the drums, say, and then the bass, and then record arm another track and record those two instruments onto that track. You can then record over the other two.

Sorry, thought my first explanation was a little sketchy, so I did it another way.
drums will take up more than one track,believe me my friend
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