Hi there...I'm a real noob in home-recording stuff, so this are my first steps on it....
Check it out if you want and pleaaaaaase...don't flame me for what I'm playing...the focus is on the sound of the guitar that's why I picked a few notes for the "whatever" song...(just a backing track) and for a cleaner sound I played a little bit with Van Halen's "316".


Any recording pro's in here? What can I do to improve my sound? any advices are welcome!

Sounds pretty good to me
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how many mics did you use on the drums? maybe it's the way you mixed it or maybe it's the computer im using (most likely haha), but i can only hear (of the drums) snare and hi-hat. again it might be my computer, but the guitar is sorta overpowering the drums. thats just what i hear though

and it's a good start to recording
@heaven's gate: it's just a backing track...it was not recorded by myself...but on my computer it sounds absolutely professional (the backing track)..so maybe it's really your pc....but dunno...

hey- i like that funk-rock thing on "ug improv contest"....sounds really cool ....well done!