My band is looking for gigs and i am the lead guitarist. My drummer has an ibanez 100w tube screamer but i dont like it and i really need a new amp. I dont care about cost as long as it is under about 1000. What is a loud, crisp amp for metal?
try the spider2 series i have one and its settings are perfect for metal

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try some crates, i ahve a xt120r and it can real bottom heavy but still have high-end. its 120 watts 2x12 combo but it can be connected to external speakers. its a hella sick amp and gets loud as **** and i reccomend it
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For the love of god dont get a Line 6 or the crate. I own the same crate that Shred freak recomended and the only thing its good for is collecting dust. Everything about the amp sucks. The distortion blows, period. the clean is so sterile it doesnt matter what you try it wont sound good. I suggest looking into the B-52 AT 2-12 combo. The amp is incredible. Both overdrive channels can do any kind rock or metal you can throw at it, The cleans are incredible, it has a tri-mode rectifier, and The best part of the amp is that its 100 watts all tube for 700 bucks new. Best tube amp in its price range IMO.
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