hi i need an amp that can do realy good cleans and jimmy page style overdrive, i play mostly blues and funk and am looking for an amp that is realy good clean and realy good overdrive my budget is around 400-500 pounds but maybe can get more,
i play a strat and some times a gibson guitar.
do what i did. i bought a fender twin reverb, then a keeley blues driver and rat pedal. you can cover pretty much everything with that kinda setup except heavy metal
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Marshall DSL401 (it'll do that Marshall sound for sure, cleans arean't amazing but I think they should work, try one out)

possibly a Vox AC30 (good cleans, not sure if they're the funky type but it'll do a classic rock overdrive)

Laney LC-30 (a bit cheaper at only 350 but worth checking out)

Traynor YCV50 (this one has get EL34s in it I believe, so its got more of the british type sound, I've heard from someone who has one that with a Telecaster it nails the Led Zeppelin I tone. These amps also have nice cleans.)
i hear keeley pedals are rip off tho...
would a tubescreamer and a rojer mayer stone fuzz do the same job>
a fender deville deluxe... i believe thats in your price range and its great for blues tones
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i hear keeley pedals are rip off tho...
would a tubescreamer and a rojer mayer stone fuzz do the same job>

which keely pedal are you talking about? the Java Boost (his Rangemaster clone, which would probably work pretty well for a Zeppelin type soudn) or his modded pedals.
He's put some time into experimenting what sounds best and uses carefully chosen components so I don't see how he's too different from any other boutique builder.

Tubescreamers work fine if just some overdrive is what you want, its like knocking up the gain knob on your amp a bit, a great rythm sound IMO (you need to have an allready part-dirty amp for leads though)

and the Roger Mayer stone fuzz you mentioned seemed to be more of a fuzzy jimi hendrix type pedal, which is a beast of an entirely different nature...