Just out of curiosity, what are the real differences between Mexican Jazz and American obv. the price lol but what else? And for someone who cant afford the few grand for an American is a Mexican still good value for money and not a great loss in quality?

In a Pepsi Challenge i dont think you'd be able to tell the difference.. But the quality control is higher in the States, so thus a better quality instrument..
I own a standard Jazz, my teacher owns an ash/alder American Jazz. We've tried each others out and the mains things i noticed was that to put it simply the American is the same as the standard but just better in every aspect. We both noticed this, he was surprised that a $1000 AUS instrument played so nicely compared to the $3000 AUS American version.

Same tone but the American is more precise/defined (?). Build quality is 100X better, the american just feels so solid. The American also has the S1 switching so you've got more sounds. Also the American uses highly quality woods, so it weighs more, like about twice as much or more. Also I'm pretty sure there's a higher chance of getting a dud standard, due to the lower quality control.

Like i said, i own a standard and yes i have had a couple of problems with it but overall i'm pretty happy with it. Alot of people here on UG hate standards, but i'll tell you this now some of those people are talking through their ass.

EDIT: Yes the standard is a decent buy for the money, put i'd recommend saving a little more and buying the Deluxe (with the active EQ).

UPDATE: I had my lesson yesterday, teacher playing his american, me playing the standard, good comparison. As i said, the American has a more defined tone but this showed that the standard can give a nice big thumping sound (Ala: rickenbacker). Of course it will never even get close to sounding like a Rickenbacker but you can get that thumping sound like Nick Oliveri (QOTSA) for example.

Also, i think it would be a 1 in 1000000000000 chance if you got a standard that was better than american, it just doesn't happen.
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they are both most of the time fine instruments.
you got some mexicans that are better than some americans,
but generally the americans are a little bit nicer.
I think however that you get more bang for the buck with a mex than with an American.
The one thing I would never do is buying a mex on the internet, coause you just don't know what to expect.
On the second hand market the Americans keep theur value better where an mex isn't wordt a sh*t
Just go to a store, play some and see for yourself.