My cousin is getting married so my mom wants me and my sister to play Think of Me ( Phantom of The Opera) at her wedding. The only problem is my fret hand hurts like a bitch when I play mid way through it cuz its mostly bar chords. I keep practicing but it still hurts. Any way of stoppin it??

Thanks in advanced
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There's no erally way of stopping it, you just need to get your hand used to it. When i first started barr chords my hand hurt like a mofo, even now, 3 years later it still hurts after extended peiods of time. When it does, I wait for a quick break in the song, and I rotate my wrist/hand untill it snaps and feels much better, or if it's the muscle below your thumb, I keep my finegrs straight up with the hand, then reach for my pinky with my thumb, it helps stretch the muscle out.. I say play barr chords alot, even when it hurts, to get your hand used to the positioning, and the day before the wedding, only play the song once or twice to get your hand some rest. That might work, I'm not sure though.

Hope that helps, and good luck.
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maybe if you were to masterbate with your fretting hand twice every day from now until the wedding it would build your hand endurance up just enough to play your song.
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It's really tough trying to figure out whats best in situation like this one.

You may need to practice more to make your hand stronger, because the pain could just be your muscles getting a work out.

Or, your muscles might be strained from all the extra work you've been putting them through and you probably need to take a break and let them recuperate and develop stronger muscles.

If it's a really bad/extreme pain that persist even when you're not playing it's probably the latter and you probably just need a break. If it's only painful when you're playing you need to practice it more because your muscles need more strength.

I'd suggest doing some finger stretching, and massage you hand before and after playing. Massage the thumb muscles, the pinky muscles, and sort of massage your fingers by grabbing them at the fatty part above the knuckle with your index, middle and thumb and just sort of twist them gently like you're twisting a knob on a guitar or pedal. Massaging your hand might seems kind of silly and awkward at first but it really helps.
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Stop playing for a day. Let it rest, keep it cool (this means no masturbating with it either). If the pain persists, tell your mom you cant humanly play it and go see a doctor.