okay i have worked this summer towards a new guitar, the ibanez rg1570 and new pickups, but i have a peavey bandit 112 which i dont like very much and now am thinking about a new amp instead of the guitar for right now. so then w/ that said im looking for a new amp preferably all tube, nothing over 40watts all tube(mainly because i live in a townhouse), and would like it under $600 but could go higher to maybe $700. The amp should be have good cleans and can handle distortion. Could someone also recommend a good overdrive/distortion pedal.
My current guitar is an Epiphone Elitist '61 SG.

Would this be a good amp to suit my needs. Crate V3112


This Traynor YCV40

Thanks a lot,
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yeah you really should go for a new amp instead of a new guitar (Epiphone Elitists are certainly good enough).
You could look into a Peavey Classic 30, a Traynor (don't know the exact model)...

What styles should the amp handle?
i was leaning more towards that one. and can anyone suggest a good overdrive/distortion pedal. i was thinking of the TS-9 i think it is from ibanez or the OD-3 from boss.

My friend has a Marshall DSL401 and it is very nice. It's a little over your price range but it's worth it I think.


Find one locally and haggle it down.

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thanks mike for the suggestion. i'll look into those, they look like they are worth it, but while reading the comments one person said to get a cooling fan for it. Where could i get a cooling fan for an amp?
okay cool and would the blemished version on Musiciansfriend.com be good? i have never bought an item from them that is blemished.