So I heard these guys were pretty good. And i was wondering if you guys could tell me what are theyre best songs (or your favorites) so I could listen to them.

Also it would be cool if anyone could tell what songs from them are really fun/challenging to play on the guitar.

o sorry then. i thought the only dream theater thread was for the fans togo like "omg thwere awesome". i needed some of u peoples suggestons.

wtvr just close this if this is wrong :P
The first song I heard was A Change of Seasons, now Im hooked. You could try In the Name of God.

edit: there are too many awesome DT songs to name.
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If you mean songs my personal favorites are: The Glass Prison, Space Dye Vest, Raise The Knife, Overture 1928, The Dance Of Eternity, Metropolis Part 1 and Take The Time, if you want albums my favorites are Images and Words and Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulance, DT rule
^You're gonna have to be pretty good at whatever you play to learn most Dream Theater, some of the songs are just ****ing insanity to play, an easy one is Overture 1928 though that was the first Dream Theater song i learnt to play on guitar
Only DT thread!

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