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14 78%
BC Rich
0 0%
4 22%
Voters: 18.
yes, im currently looking at a few guitars, a bc rich warlock w/ whammy bar, a dean guitar its one of the numerous dimebag tributes, and an ibanez, im not to sure of the model, but its the same guitar Herman Li from Dragonforce used in the "Through Fire and Flames" music video, i was just wondering if anyone had opnions and could help me out to choose wich oen to get BECAUSE I CANT DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx!!!
not bc rich
although they are acclaimed to be the greatest metal guitars in the world by some people
they aren't
Ibanez, far supiereor to the others.

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Ive played all kinds of Dean ML's. All the dimebag sigs except the razorbacks. if you will spend enough money to get a good ML its a great guitar. their necks are just.... amazing.