Hey boys, I need your help.

I can't seem to apply the correct pressure with my fingers on my guitar strings. When I barre and when I do something as simple as putting my fingers on the strings to play chords, I actually end up preventing them from vibrating with my fingers. How are you supposed to do it? Basically, what pressure are you supposed to use with your fingers on the strings without actually stopping the vibration and thus killing the sound, and what am I doing wrong?

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make sure you are using your finger tips to press the strings as opposed to using the inside of your finger
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practice pressing harder, youll get it sooner or later. I remember finding barre chords tough to do. Try using more of the side of your index finger to barre the strings, and when you are fretting notes down, use the tip of your fingers, just a bit under your fingernail line. good luck, and just keep at it.

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Just make sure your not touching any adjacent strings with each finger as this can cause the strings to be muted. As far as open chords are concerned very little pressure is needed because otherwise you will sharpen the notes. With barre chords it just takes time to strengthen your index finger so that it has the pressure to push down on all of the strings.
perhaps you are pressing directly on the frets, instead of where you shouldbe, a little behind the frets, because when fretting the note correctly, you cant press too hard.
Make sure your fingers are at a 90 degree angle from the strongs, so it's the very tips pressing down.
Also, maybe your hards just arent strong enough yet, and you need to keep practicing.
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do not rely on ur left wrist for pressure, caus then u lack movement in ur fingers, ur strength come from ur thumb, so where ur thumb is placed and the angle of ur fingas, it should become easier with practice