Alright I was wondering how do you play artifiacial harmonics?
I searched it and I came up with a couple different things one said it was the same thing as pinch harmonics (which i can do)
another said it was picking something 12 frets lower
so saw if I wanted to play an artificial harmonic harmonic on the secound fret you would use your left finger to fret the secound fret and your thumb or pick and pick it on the 14th?

You should play them from the bridge, they get higher as you move towards the neck.

If you play 3 on the lower E string normally, it's the same as playing 5 on the D string.

The will take a while to do, but you get better as the more you do it.
Tapped harmonics, you pick say the 5th fret and with your picking hand tap the 17th fret.
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Hi I am Kitus, glad to answer you
you don't have to pick the 14, you just have to light-touch the string on the 14th fret
Don't forget this works with any natural harmonics, like 5,7 and so on, you just need to add the respective frets like you do with the 12.

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