Are the drums electronic?
They're horrible.

in places.

Other than that, great band.

Woo I'm From St Helens! St Helens Rules Baby! Yeah!

edit: it doesnt really rule that much, i'm just glad to see other musicians on this site from my own town...oh so rare. good luck guys, fly the flag for our town
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nope, the drums are electric drums. They sounded great whilst recording and then when we mixed down, it just came out like that. We've recorded them again though and they sound much better, but we're saving that recording for our upcoming EP.


I think you guys sound very good and professional, the recording quality is great. As far as songwriting goes, you admit that you were shooting for a sound that was well established as succesful right? As long as you don't think that you guys have stumbled on a new sound lol. But the haircuts and the songs and the suits with colored ties give me the impression that you are trying to appeal to a female audience, and let me just say that that is long-term career suicide. If you want to have a big single and be on the covers of girlie mags for a year and then go back to getting jobs or going to school then that is the way to go. But female audiences are fickle and if you love playing music and would like to do it professionaly for a long time, you've got to make music that appeals to males because they will get behind your band until you break up. Girls may get you there faster, but the guys will have your back forever. And you guys for the hell of it try writing a song, without thinking about other songs while you're doing it. You guys may stumble on a sound that is uniquely yours and you might just start a musical revolution? Eh? (Because really, does the world need another ****ing pop-punk band? With a "look"? ) Take no offense please, and best of luck to you.