come up with your riffs/progressions for songs you're writing? I was just wondering how you guys come up with your stuff, do you just improv and see what sounds good, think up something in your head then try to put it out on guitar, take timings or progressions from songs then slightly alter them into your own song, or any other certain way? I'm just curious to see how all you guys on here write your material.
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i generally just play around and see what happens. Most people will have their own style/preferences, some will plan out chords wheras some will instinctively feel where to go. Some will "write" solos, while others will just play them.

personally, i write in 6/8 / 3/4 a lot. dunno why, it just happens.
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ill just start playin random progressions and go with what sounds good
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I just think of a really bad ass riff and try and figure it out on guitar, usually banging my head to an imaginary beat and come up with the riff off of that.
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Then pretty much just mess around until something awesome comes out.
Edit: What the guy above me said. That's really what happens, I'd forgotten the lyrics part.


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I just, play really.
Then i'll hear something i like, and expand on it, find other things that fit, and just go from there.
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Almost all of my bands songs have come from jamming. Our drummer is very good and very technical, so me and the other guitarist free form off the drums.
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I usually come up with a cool subject to write about first, then try to find the feel that it needs.
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personally, i write in 6/8 / 3/4 a lot.
As do I.

I usually begin on my acoustic, play around with random chords, then carry it to electric. I work my solos around the chords I've got written; I just record the progression, hit 'repeat', and jam with it until I find something I like.

I've usually got lyrics sitting around that I've written that fit with the song, or I'll have something on the brain that fits with the feel of the song.
Theres no method. For all I know, I could be taking a crap or having a shower when a sweet riff strikes me.

And it's always a bastard when you forget it by the time you get to your guitar.
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i just mess around till something happens, then i try to turn whatever that is into a song, thats why i have a lot of unfinished things, lol, i also sometimes look to songs for ideas, like if i know what i want, but cant seem to get it, but i generally never care for the time signature untill im actually writing down, i just close the door crank it to 11 (on my crate 30-watt) lol, and jam, very sophisticated, i know, lol
I usually just play around and if I find a particular progression that I like I work on it. Sometimes, though, I do consciously try to get a particular sound (e.g. metal, melodic etc.)
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mhm so alot of you guys do what i do, just mess around and go with what feels right, one thing though that i'm not that great of is going from clean intros to distorted riffs, any suggestions? and does it happen to any of you guys where you write this awesome riff and then you find out that its already in a song and you get really pissed off? lol
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It depends, sometimes ill just be fooling around, and ill come up with a riff that I like alot and then make more that fit with it.

And sometimes ill just play some random thing and work with it and build on it until it sounds good.
I mess around, not even considering time signatures/scales/modes/etc., and just wait until I start playing something catchy.

Then I incorporate the time/key/etc., and make the riff as good as possible. I repeat it until Iahve a bunch of riffs, and then I find ways to make them flow into one another to create entire songs.

I'm not a very good solo writer...most of my solos are just ascending/descending scales in one way or another with a few change-ups here and there.

And it's always a bastard when you forget it by the time you get to your guitar.

Grah! That's the worst. I always come up with things at the worst of times too(work for example)....

Even though most of the time I usually picture things in my head before I put them on guitar, I sometimes get interesting stuff just fooling around.
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Usually when I come up with a great riff and write it down and then play it on guitar, it strikes me a couple of hours later that I've heard it before and basically stole it from some band I listen to. dammit.
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I start off trying different intervals after each other in a given key, the when I pick the progression I want to use I start to build the chords. When that's done I'll write the bass, other guitars, various other accents, percussion etc.

If you want to make writing easier start learning theory.
I just play. When I make songs with my band we do alot of stuff just on the spot. But ya I make songs before I record them sometimes.