me and my brother were just sitting in our car today and out of nowhere we were making up a completely pointless, extremely short song that I'm guessing is somehow related to drugs..

Furry tongue, cancer lung,
chewing up tobacco gum

smoking green, Neoprene,
injured spleen, Nicotine.

almost like a ****(ier) Cannibal Corpse song.. they suck.
There's really nothing to read into besides the choice of words... Which only would say something about a connection to tobacco products and unnatural or diseased body parts.

I suppose I could say that there's imagery, but then I'd have to say that there's really only descriptors - not really the true stuff of imagery.

It's nonsensical and, at best, feels like a failed experiment. I'd say scrap it and move on - it would take just as much time to completely rewrite a coherent sentiment, and it would actually be worth that time.
I do write serious stuff.. I am being stupid and kind of embarrassed to post it just yet.
This was just a random.. stupid.. thing. Thats my best description about it. A.. Thing.
no ****in ****

it wasnt supposed to have been

thats the point. its pointless. and if you read my last damn reply you would have seen that.
cam down. i read your "last damn reply", but if you post songs, people will crit them. that's the point.