I really love my guitar but I'm just wanting to get the best I can out of it. What can I do to get the best sound out of my guitar?

I really dislike the current pickups on it and I was looking into the SD SH-2 and SH-4.. would anyone else have any suggestions. I'm basically looking for something "better." I will be needing something versatile since my music styles vary from classical to hard rock.

Again what else can I do to help my guitar have a decent sound?
Well before you replace your pick-ups you could do the usually things...
Try different gauges of strings
Try different gauges of picks
Fiddle with all your tone and volume knobs on the guitar
Tweak your amp alot

I know thats really basic but I don't know anything about pick-ups or changing them.
Please help me by reviewing my lyrics
Yeah I know those and I've really already tweaked a little with those already. I guess there isn't much I can do specifically with my guitar besides changing the pickups.. I was mainly looking into the guitar itself.
Alright man, I have the same guitar and i've customized some things on it and it's really become a great guitar. What i've done is replace the pickups with Seymour Duncans (SH4-JB and SH-2N Jazz) and added a Bigsby. I suggest the pickup change, because the stock pickups aren't very good at all. The bigsby was just something I felt like I wanted so I put it on there and it works great. But if you get the guitar set up right and replace the pickups, it'll really be a good guitar.
Ahh my amp is okay. I've played it on other amps and it still isn't all that different..

Thanks for the advice MegaDeth.
I dunno man, those stocks are pretty good, try messing with your amp, I can get everything from crushing rhythm, screaming leads and classic crunch to tight jazz tones and open, airy cleans with those pickups.