This is one of my favorite Metallica songs, and i was kind of surprised to see no one had covered it yet so i gave it a shot. the solo needs some work, but nothing too major, and the fill just after the solo need to be cleaned up a bit, ill fix them sometime soon.. let me know what you guys think

Not bad...the drumming could not be more annoying though

Nice tone......sounded like halfway through you adjusted the volume or something (1:50ish?, or is it just me)...kept a good rhythm and solid speed...solo was decent but could be worked on (as noted by yourself). Solid work =P
I like your tone. Beginnings pretty solid so far. The drums are really annoying true
Chorus is good, verses good...the volume does seem to go up or somehting around 1:48.
THe solo isnt too bad, you did make quite a bit of mistakes. The part after the solo (DIE DIE DIE) sounds good.

Overall good cover, just polish the solo up a bit 8/10

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Hey I like the master of puppets and the crazy train covers they were amazing creeping death was pretty damn cool too well done..
Heh, yeah drums are annoying lol...but you should have started out with your guitar volume higher and more distorted ...pretty good cover.

'Tallica 4 life!
Well done, minimal mistakes for a difficult song. Some timing errors got to me, and the drums were annoying as hell, but overall good job. 9/10

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Drums are slightly annoying. Rhythym wasn't too bad. Solo is decent. Needs cleaned up for sure though. If you mixed this cover a little better it would do it a lot of justice.
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Sounds like you're playing it in a lower tuning. Are you?
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half step down, not sure if they used that tuning on this album, but i know they use it live now.