I tried using the natural minor but I thought the added notes (onto a minor pent) sort of sounded a little too sad. Should I bring back the 7th and use a harmonic minor instead?
i prefer using the harmonic minor to the natural cos the natural scale is over used.
if you think it sounds too sad why not modulate to the relative major scale for a wee change
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u can also try some of the minor modes if you are looking for that "different" minor sound...

dorian is pretty cool, and could be a good start considering u sed the natural minor is too sad...

and also try the phrigian
I always thought Natural minor sounded "sad" and Harmonic minor sounded "evil"
When I'm looking for something to sound really dark, I'll use harmonic minor instead because natural minor just doesn't have that quality. Overall, I prefer using harmonic minor.
I prefer natural minor for riffs and harmonic minor for solos. Its cause I heart the m7.
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Thanks for your help, Dorian seems an interesting alternative cos im quite decent with me modes.. i just dont understand what mode to play over what chords AT ALL lol

well what modes are you thinking of?

the Dorian can be played over regular minor chords aswell as m7 (which IMO sound great with this mode)
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