I was looking for some new pickups. I have a PRS SE with 3 single coil pickups and they are good but i want better.

I do lots of greenday and blink 182 type songs but now with a wah pedal im looking into some clean lines.

I'm just wondering whats the best pickups for my type of playing and guitar?
Where can I get them?

and most important of all....can I wire them?

If its as easy as wiring to a wiring sheet I can do that as I know how to solder and all those basics but if theres no sheet to go from I'll just have the music store wire it for about $80

oh yea, originally I was looking at these but are they any good?

I have never heard of them yet im new to guitar.
You have a PRS, but play Green Day and Blink 182? I suggest you go sell your PRS and get a skateboard or something.

Just so im not a total jackass, they are bad pickups, go for dimarzios or fender noiseless.

Edit: Oh you're new to guitar, sorry for that.
yep being new to guitar i am not going to get a really expensive guitar to start out.

everyone says get a cheap one and see of youll stay with it.

I like the body of the PRS and all so im going to just mod this with better pickups for now.

Thanks for the info,,,,now how about wiring them?