So I've been playing guitar for a long time now but I suck so bad at ear training it's unbelievable. I'm trying to figure out some Death and Kalmah and I'm not comin close. Can someone give me some easy metal songs to transcribe? Thanks a lot
Uh... Kalmah's and Death's **** should be pretty easy to transcribe. But ear training is more about intervals and identifying them and I don't think it should help out much with tabbing songs.

I don't I can name any easy songs you can transcribe but if you wanna get even easier then Death and Kalmah, then you can go with some Norther ****.

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Go with some thrash bands that are on the simplistic side or old heavy metal..

Old Death shouldn't be tough, the new stuff maybe.
Kalmah is so easy to work out by ear it's untrue, still amazing band though
Try learning some sludge metal by ear. The riffs are pretty simple most of the time, but it will still help your ear training. Try some Lair of the Minotaur.
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