What is the difference between the Jazz II and Jazz III picks?

also I bought some picks the other day that are sorta warped so you can play with the pick on a slant but because it's warped, it will go straight.. or whatever :S

Anyone use these picks and are they any good?
I used to know the difference between the II and III and could look it up, but I know that everyone hates the II and likes the III so I'm not going to bother

I don't like any of the jazz picks myself. They're too small. I need a pick to hold on to.

Lots of people do like them though.
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The Jazz picks are absolutely awesome, the III's are the pointiest, whereas the I's are the bluntest, the most popular one is the III's. I use the red XL Jazz III's religiously. Mind the XL ones are like normal size, the normal ones are smaller, good for real jazz and runs and stuff, pretty rubbish for rythym though
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cakehead is right. the jazz IIIs are the pointiest. i just bought a pack 2 days ago, and I love them. they are very small, very hard, and very pointy. great for fast solos and shreding, and anything else.