Depends on the guitar. My Ibanez tends to love 12's. The Strat tends to work better with 10's.
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i love 9s. but that's just me.
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i have 9's on mine 2, its nice, but they wear out a lot quicker, but if you get 10's ull build finger msucle quicker
Umm go for 10's, its very standard, well it also depends on the kind of guitar u got. A slim, fast guitar like an Ibanez might be better with lighter strings to accomidate faster playing. BUt a beefy sounding guitar like a Les Paul, might sound better with 11's and up. I have my guitar with 10's but thats just cause im too lazy to bend harder.
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9's are a lot easier.
They're a lot thinner for your fingers.
and easier to use.
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