i sometimes do dive bombs with my floating bridge and it doesnt put it out of tune is it still alright for the bridge itself?
yes,,,If it wasn't good for the bridge, floating tremolo bridges would be nowhere as popular today as if there was some sort of evidence that they were harmful to a guitar.
Floating bridges were made for that kind of stuff, so no...it doesnt damage the bridge.
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na it shouldnt do anything to it just as long as it isnt a crappy floating trem, some of the lisenced ones arnt as strong as the normal ones so they dont stand up as well
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but for relatively gentle trem use, would a liscensced trem do well?
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Look, i have a vintage strat style trem, it is made of cheap metal and it's a knockoff, extremely cheap.

I divebomb the hell out of it every day all times, I also lift the whole guitar with the whammy bar into the air above me, shake it like I have epilepsy and my trem still holds well.

Go for it, unless its made of wood.
Have u ever heard a pantera song?? Or even a Van Halen song. Divebombs r the beauty of a floater......go ahead..beat the hell out of it!!
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^ Except they use Floyd Rose bridges... if you have a crappy trem your guitar will go out of tune as soon as you dive bomb :p