looking for a new amp thats loud enough to gig with but is nice to practice in a bed room with i heard bad things about the marshall mg50, so im thinking a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT 30W or people speak of roland cube amps.
assuming that you play metal, i'd get a roland cube

EDIT: the vox can also do metal, but it excels in classic rock
I'd get vox you can control the wattage of the amp so it's good for the bedroom or gigs.
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a 30 watt isnt really loud enough to gig with its nice to at least have 50-75 watts at minimum
Quote by guitar_freak523
looking for a new amp thats loud enough to gig with but is nice to practice in a bed room with i heard bad things about the marshall mg50, so im thinking a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT 30W or people speak of roland cube amps.

The micro cube is great for playing around the house and is really loud for a 2W amp but you cant really gig with it. Theres just not enough power to get up to that.

The roland cube 30 is worse than the micro cube from what I have heard so I would either get a micro cube and another amp to feed though another amp for that extra power, or get a big amp thats light and powerful.

I'm also in the market for an amp now. I'm looking for something that can handle pedals as well as be loud and light.

Right now I use the roland cube and patch it though a KX1200 amp
120W is enough for me.

The KX1200 is a drum/keyboard/PA amp....not a guitar amp. All you get are 4 volume channels (1 stereo, 3 mono), 4 FX send channels, 4 band EQ, and a headphone port.
How much do you have to spend? If you bought a ss/hybrid 30w, it won't be nearly as loud as a 15w tube/valve amp, but will cost less. It will probably come with effects so you can avoid buying pedals to change tone or increase distorsion. Plus, you could always put a mic on it for a medium sized gig.
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Try both the MG and the Vox out. I wasn't impressed by the Vox much, but the MG I bought really blew me away. For being such a "horrible amp" mine sure does sound all right...

Try both, pick the one you like more.
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Am i the only person who can see the sticky for this at the top of the list????

Anyway, what's your price range?
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well not so much for gigs as the random jam

well in that case the cube will work for you but i would tend to get something else as you have to stop playing to switch FX on and off....thats why i only use it to mess around now....for recording i use my other amp and pedals.
A used Vox AD50VT.

End of.
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Well, for about $550 you should be able to pick up a Vox AD50VT. It might take a little more saving, but it's deffinately worth it. You don't want to spend $400 on an amp that isn't loud enough to get you over a drum set.
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so you mean the same amp with LESS power is $50 more!?

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The 60W is a completely different amp than the regular AD series. Its much more expensive, although ti comes with a greater selection of effects. If he asks about the 30W, dont give him untrue information about the 50W, give him correct information about the 30W
He lives in Canada. Prices are different here. Therefore, the Ad50 is about $550.
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Oh, my bad. I got a question though, do you earn more money to make up for it? Or is everything just really expensive?
Everything is just really expensive. On average, I think Americans make more money, and it's worth more. Even though the dollar is fairly similar in worth now, however, things are still waayyyy more expensive in Canada.
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