My friend gave me a OAR cd a few weeks ago and i think they sound a lot like Dave Mathews band, have any of u ever heard of them?
their newest CD is alot differnt then their old stuff. you might be talking about that one

check out their older stuff, im not saying the new cd isnt good its just different
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i hate them personally, his voice makes me suicidal
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I think they're overrated as well; all the kids who love to get drunk every weekend listen to them religiously, seconded only to either DMB or Dispatch.
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They've been pretty popular with lots of douchebags lately.
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They are very formulaic and cliche. That's all from me.
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yeah, they aren't great.

I have, however, quite seriously considered penning a song called "I Couldn't Care Less About Your Crazy Poker Game (Because I Find It Quite Boring)"
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every song is the same, I saw them in concert a while back ago. There really just background music for peopel to party too.
I like them even though their new cd is ****te. Their old stuff is good. 34th and 8th is a live 2cd set. Check it out I love it.
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i hate them personally, his voice makes me suicidal

I'd have to agree.

I tend to stay away from bands that appeal to stoned out college know it all hippies.
idk.. i used to like them. then my friend gave me a free ticket to go see them in madision square garden back in january, it was an awsome show i'll admit, but the whole fanbase i saw was absolutely sickening. their fans are the biggest tools and douchebags i've ever seen.

walking around the venue, i cant even tell you how many "that guys" i saw.. what do i mean by THat guy? fags who bought a t-shirt when they first got in that ADVERTISED THAT SHOW!! and wearing it around, and it was all stupid drunk highschool kids hooking up in the aisles.. seriously, it was a bit lame. you wanna hook up? fine, but some people are enjoying a concert, not a handjob.

the best part was that matisyahu opened for OAR, which was funnny cause im not exaggerating at all, like 1/3 of the audience was orthodox jews and once he finished his set they all get up and leave.

but recently i've realized all of OAR's songs are generic, their lyrics are pretty simple and theres alot better bands out there than OAR..
holy bump ik but has anyone heard the song toy store? My friend and I are planning to play it at our school's talent show type thing, but we cant find complete tabs anywhere (ik we should be able to play it by ear) also no youtube vids, which i find surprising
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I'm a huge fan of O.A.R.

I agree though there are a lot of d-bags at the shows.

As for Toy Store, I don't know of a tab, but oarsa.org has tabs to a lot of there songs and will at least have the chords for it.
feels kinda like they sold out in the last few years. wanderer and black rock and crazy game of poker days were cool though.
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I think that their decent like backround music. But, there kind of far from alternative.
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I have to disagree with a bunch of the opinions in here. I only have The Wanderer, but I love that album. I looked at their albums on iTunes and do think that their most recent albums were kinda sellouts, but the early stuff sounds good. I really like chill music like this and Jack Johnson, so that may differentiate me from most other people here, but I saw them at Bonnaroo last June and loved them.