i dunno if this is the right spot to put this but.. if you can play the dan california the whole thing through would u be considered a decent guitar player?
idk thats like saying if u can play canon rock all the way thru r u good

if you can copy people cool but if you can write your own material thats whats sweet
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Your about as good as most people are when they stop playing or just stop getting better
Depends on how long you've been playing.
It isn't an extremely difficult song to master if you study it.
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You're basically asking a **** load of different people with different areas of expertise etc etc. the difficulty of a song.. Naturally everyone could say something different. Someone who just picked up a guitar could say you're amazing and someone who has been playing since they left their mother's womb can say you suck.. It's really doesn't matter.. Just keep learning and try writing your own songs. That way you can have something to show for your decency of being a guitarist.

and also.. Play because you love it not because you want to impress.
it is a mildly difficult song to master yes, quite average to play but to master, it is difficult. BUt since when did being a good guitarist get judged on how he/she is viewed by others. Its like being cool! A good guitarist has technicality, creativity and feel in my opinion.
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