Im buying an 8 track recorder, and im gonna need a good microphone for the drums and maybe a bit of voice. Can you guys suggest any good microhpones for this kind of thing?
I third the SM57, maybe the 58 depending on what you are specifically mic'ing.
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ur gonna use 1 mic to mic drums? thats gonna sound terrible. lol
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I third the SM57, maybe the 58 depending on what you are specifically mic'ing.

58 is for vocals.

*hides because he corrected a mod*
4th for the SM-57 for sure. Made to mic instuments but can serve as a vocal mic as well.
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hey guys. SM57s are primarily designed to mic instruments and backup vocals/vocals. however, if you'd like to mic an acoustic guitar directly (you'd need a stand of some kind) i've found that an SM58 has a veerrrryyyy pleasant sound, and if you positioned it correctly you could record vocals/guitar at the same time with either one.
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Why do the sm57 and sm58 have such simmilar names? Why does the sm58 sound better for vocals?

Similar names for similar mics. the 58 is wired for a different frequency, specifically one fine tuned for the vocal range.

Oh...and wrong forum. Should be in R&R....and there are numerous "Which Mic?" threads.....
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58 is for vocals.

*hides because he corrected a mod*

Ughh, sorry to dissapoint but you didn't correct the mod, he said depending on what your micing, it could mean anything, it's a microphone just because its marketed as a Vocal mic doesn't mean you can't throw it on a guitar.

An SM58 isn't going to sound much better for vocals than an SM57, the SM58 is basically a SM57 meant for use on live singers, it has a built in pop screen and a ball capsule. There is a SLIGHT difference in the polar patterns and frequency responce it's very slight. I'd go with the SM57, just because it's more standard, not as bulky, and so that you can put an ordinary pop screen about a foot in front of it to keep the singer back if your using it for vocals.
You should get a drum mic package for the drums and I'd say an Sm58 for vocals...
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Ideally for vocals get a large diaphragm condesor. For microphones look into a drum mic kit, you could by serperately getting, two condensors for overheads (One of which can be used for vocals), a kick mic (which can be doubled for the bass amp, if you decide to mic it), and then an SM57 or two for the snare and toms (which can be doubled for micing a guitar cab.

Good luck bro.
SM57 without a doubt. I feel like such an idiot for selling mine a couple years ago.

Definitely the first mic I pick up when I decide to start recording again.