Aight, I watched this vid:


Satch is improvising with modes right, and At first I'm thinking he is just changing around modes in the same key and showing the different sounds, but at the end he says that he changed the key several times in the song, but I dont get how, because before every mode change he would say "E lydian, E Myxolydian, E harmonic minor, etc etc". It would have helped if the vid wouldn't have stopped right before he explained what he was up to.

So whats the deal? I'm a total mode n00b, I just started learning about them a couple days ago.
Modes are bascially inversions of the major scale. There are seven of them. If the major scale is C, then the modes start on the following notes

Ionian (aka major scale). starts on C
Dorian. starts on D
Phrygian. Starts on E
Lydian. Starts on F
Mixolydian. Starts on G
Aeolian. Starts on A
Locrian. Starts on B

Sorry if this didnt make any sense
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E myxolydian and E harmonic minor are differetn keys.

The key is E lydian or whatever, not just E.

Hope that makes sense
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Like frenchy said.
E mixolydian and E Aeolian for instance arent the same.

Mixolydian uses the the intervals 1 2 3 4 5 6 b7 1
Aeolian uses the intervals 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 b6 1

Therefore, if you were to play the E Mixolydian mode, you would be playing these notes:
E F# G# A B C# D E

And if you were to play the E Aeolian mode, you would be playing the notes:
E F# G A B C D E
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