Poll: Which acoustic should I pick?
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Alvarez AD70
1 13%
Ovation CU247
1 13%
Takamine EGS-330SC
4 50%
Other (go ahead and make a suggestion)
2 25%
Voters: 8.
yeah...i already have a post down on the list somewhere
but i came to a conclusion on 3 guitars
which one should i choose?
or can you suggest any more?
my budget is from $300-$500

if you do suggest a guitar
please make sure its a solid top and that its an Acoustic/Electric

input greatly appreciated
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I'd go with the ovation fo sho.
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Out of those three, the Alvarez or Takamine would be best. The whole not wood back bothers me with the ovations. I aslo agree with Honkey, a Seagull S6 is very nice in that price range.

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my first guitar was a gs330s from takamine and i really love that instrument. i've played the egs330s once in a music shop and i really liked it as well. it had alot of the same tone as the model i have even with the cutaway. so yeah i voted for the takamine. i also reccomend checking out the S6 as roamingbird said.