im lookin for an amp with good distortion for about 300 bucks maybe 250 at max
What kind of music do you play? How powerful of an amp do you need? Do you play in a band or anything if so do you play any gigs?
oh yea i guess i shoulda sed that stuff
i play mostyl metalcore but really any metal, i need at least 50 watts and im in a band but no gigs yet
your not gonna get good distorition for 300 usualy so just get a pedal
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If i was you, i would save up a few hundred dollars and get the peavey bandit, they are 80watts and get a very good metal sound for a SS.

EDIT: i played one and i was going to get it until i found a cheap xxx on ebay.
Randall G3 series. The biggest one you can afford...
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