What do use to generate your drums? i don't have a program and yours sounded pretty good... The backing track drowns out the lyrics a little.. there was one rough spot in the solo but everything flowed consistently and you showed a good grasp of the pentatonic scale.. nice work!
Ok , the drums are awesome, the song is not my style but it kicks ass , the vocals are very good , preety short song though .
quite enjoyable , i guess hard to play , needs much skills which i bet you have ..remaster the song and post it in extended version , it is good , you should finish it or make it longer ! , that was my crit .(honest crit) . thank you !
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Would be cleaner with a better tone, vocals distort a little, im not sure if that was intentional though :P finish it off and add some more riifs and itll be a bit more interesting
I really like the drum intro!! That kicks ass. And how the drum sound changed in the song. ****ing great job man! The solo is really cool and harmonizes with the drum and the first guitar. Well I can't understand what you're singing about....and i like to know what the people are singing about so make the voice a little bit clear...but it's a great song.


Crit my song All Ages:

Like to warn you that this isnt really my style of music, so I can be way out of the ballpark.

Really catchy song, even though it was like a minute long. Add more riffs, you can have some really cool stuff going on during the extended version. Also lower the backing track, distorts the sound alot, couldn't really make anything of the lyrics because the backing track was covering it too much.

Solo had some up and downs for me, tone was wierd. First few notes of solo sound like a trumpet, kind of expected some more wah-wah pawnage. Melodic nonetheless. Clean it up and it'll be much better, some of the bends sound out of pitch and the pull-offs are sloppy on that last part.

Looking forward to hearing the extended version of this, should be much better