i had a thought for an interesting line of discussion/potential project.

lately, i've gotten into a few bands that are very video game-y. some that play actual video game music, like the Advantage and the Black Mages, and some that just seem to be influenced by the style, like Dragonforce.

so anyway, here's the first part:

how can one, for as little money as possible, make a guitar sound as synth-like as possible? obviously, very clean, fast alternate picking and fingerwork are a must, but speaking more in terms of hardware. everything's game, from string gauge up to amplifier, and everything in between.

and please, nobody say "LINE6 SPYDER TOO LOLZ" or any such crock. if you have an amp to reference, feel free. but please don't use this as an opportunity to bash solid state or modeling amps.

a secondary part to this question is that i'm interested in putting together some sort of project to play covers of video game music. i know, it's unoriginal, but i have a good time playing the stuff by myself, and putting together an actual set of songs online would be even more fun, i think.
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two words for you:
envelope filter. or change the settings on your wah. use it as a filter, and maybe use a compresser after that.
have you got a multi fx? cos i find fiddling with settings can sometimes be quite productive, you know finding 'ambient' tones.

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note: the following technique works almost exclusively with chords.

first, fret a chord. then, hit the strings lightly with your thumb right where it connects to your bridge. works best with bass turned way up
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Line 6 FM-4 Filter modeler.
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Maybe try Roland's synths.
Without effects, try experimenting with tone and other filter related items, like your amps EQ or something.
What FX do you have at the moment?
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Like others have said, you want a really filtered sound. Try and EQ pedal to get rid of the lowest and highest frequencies (old video games had low bit rates so they couldn't produce very low or high frequencies), or use the neck pickup with the tone rolled down. Lots of compression and some fuzz can really help as well. As for tecniques, tapping/legato can really help smooth the notes out and make them a bit more synthy. I think a couple of companies make some pedals to produce really processed sounds, try http://www.frostwave.com/index.html , bit expensive though!
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