If you have a bolt on neck that is 22 frets, could you take that off and put on a neck that has 24 frets? Or will it be to big?
As long as it's the same scale length, it's ok. You might have to mod the pickguard if it's a strat type guitar, though.
The guitar i'm thinking of is an FGM100, so would I need to do any modding with that?
the neck pickup might be in the way
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it problably wont ever be intonated just get another 22 fret neck from warmoth, i dont use the last 2 frets on my schecter 24 fret anyway so i'd guess that you wont ether, its sort of use for show and piece of mind.
^ i do

you cna get the warmoth extesnion or w/e neck its called to fit 24 frets on 22 bodies- but unless its specially made- it wont retrofit- i hade to **** with my jackson, and install a inch long piece of wood to the end of the neck to make it work- so youd have to lose about that much wood somewhere- preferably from teh body
^^ yeah but the warmoth 24 fret necks for 22 fret guitars will be in the way of the neck pup
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