what are some good covers to do as a band, we have all been playing for over 4 years, so lets not choose something really easy like, smells like teen spirit, were also going for a kinda heavy sound, like 80s metal, also we like thrice, thursday, ozzy, sabbath


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First you have to see what songs fit in the singers vocal range. Perhaps bring a CD of your favorite songs and get them to sing along. For you first song you should pick something that everyone knows, Crazy Train, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), or Symphony of Destruction would probably be a good choice.
If you can play any song by Yngwie Malmsteen the crowd will like you. I guarentee it.
Pick a song and change it a bit to ur personal taste, like changing tuning, add a solo, improv a solo, just dont try to sound exactly like the band whose song ur playing, thats probably the worst thing u can do.
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