okay so i dont really know the names of the chords or any of that.
but i started this progression for a new slow folksyishsong im writinggg and I need help finding out which scales would correspond to this and how to determine which would.
this is the main progression for pretty much the whole song:

x x x x
x x x x
7 7 6 5
7 9 7 7
9 9 7 7
10 x x 5

and i throw in


later in the song

besides just fooling around with random chords how might I go about finding which chords would fit nicely with this, for like a chorus or bridge or something?
or what scale(s) I would use to improv over this?
I'm definitely a beginner at any music theory but I know you are supposed to just find the key the chords are in and use the corresponding scale...I think? I just don't know how to find which scale these chords might be in, or even which chords these are.
any help would be niccce.
sorry if I sound ignorant or anyttthing, I just want to start learning thiss kinda stuff.
Chords are Dmajor, Bm (looks like part of the Bm barre shape), Amajor, Amin, F#major. D, Bm, and A are in the key of Dmajor... the Amin and F#maj chords throw it off (F# is minor in the key of D and you already have Amaj in the progression).

Obviously, for more chords you'd want to stick really in the key of D major... D, Em, F#m, G, A, B, C#dim are your options. Since your progression is not entirely in one key, you could play D ionian (major) over the 4 chords you listed, then play modally over the Am and F#maj chords... just play chord tones really. This seems like a hard progression to improvise to, and how to improvise well is a WHOLE other topic that entire books are written on.

Do a simple search of things like "finding key of a song" on UG and you'll come up with a LOT of hits.

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