Le linky monsiur?

Coulda swore it was about the Nile song
- Treat people the way you would like to be treated.
- Don't do to others what you wouldn't like others to do to you.
- Live and let live.
- Always tell the truth.
- If someone looks at you, just give them a nice smile they won't soon forget
They are probably the most underrated melodic death metal band. Forever Beach is an amazing instrumental. 
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nah there's a shit ton of bands more deserving of that title, otherwise not a bad band not great either IMO but yeah Forever Beach is awesome lol also holy necropost
ImNeverSalty interesting lol buncha these bands coming back I think Sacrilege some years ago, Ablaze My Sorrow, Fatal Embrace might be making a comeback despite of some disencouraging stuff I heard the newest thing I heard from them seemed pretty true to their old intentions... cause their second unreleased album kinda sucked.

and now these guys I hope it's better than The Duskfall cause meh lol at least GOI tried to have riffs though not great ones lol I'll look forward to them

Eucharist might have a new album this year too, super excited to hear what they're doing
yeah Markus the brain behind the band has been making posts lately, hoping to hear some samples sometime soon but nothing yet, but according to him should be out this new year, and yeah Fatal Embrace has been working on stuff as well. Their unreleased album kinda sucked but a few new studio things I heard sounded more like Shadowsouls era material but with a slightly more modern twist so I'm definitely curious. 
Fantasic Band. Three great offerings of melodic death metal in its earlier form. Before The Duskfall and after Gates of Ishtar was The Everdawn- Poems Burn The Past. You should check out that one. It is a more aggressive Gates of Ishtar iteration. A Bloodred Path and The Dawn of Flames are huge influences for me in my own riffs. Glad to see them getting some nods here!
NosferatuZodd09 Shadowsouls Garden! I bought that years ago and lost it. Great album. This band should not be confused with another kinda crappy band called Fatal Embrace.
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Yes, there was a one-off show, but that alone doesn't promise a coming of a new album.
Ozzy87_2 uh IDK if you read my post but I said the brain behind the band himself mentioned he and Daniel Erlandsson [drums] are working on new material for Eucharist, sadly no samples out yet but I'm excited nonetheless as I somewhat prefer Mirrorworlds to A Velvet Creation just because I thought the number of great songs per release was greater in MW despite some killer tracks like Greeting Immortality and My Bleeding Tears lol

theknell Yeah that reunion show was pretty cool sucks I don't have the money to travel to Europe but considered it lol. It was Fatal Embrace, Eucharist and Ablaze My Sorrow. I don't think Fatal Embrace played anything from Shadowsouls though which is a shame cause that 2nd album they never released seemed pretty weak lol they're also working on new stuff and it seemed more promising with some of their harmonization from Shadowsouls Garden's era. I prefer AMS [First album maybe 2nd] to Gates of Ishtar personally in every way outside of Forever Beach, and over Everdawn for the most part although I like their EP before poems, I think there are far superior melodeath bands from all over the world to just focus on Sweden and credit them for where they were born tbh lol
NosferatuZodd09 That's true too, in a sense, yes there are great melodeath bands from all over the world, but Swedish scene just seemed to nail it from that era. Not so much now, but that era's magic was special to melodeath. From a different country, but has anyone heard the first In Slumber album? Stillborn Rebirth. That album captures that type of feel from the days of melodeath yore.
yeah it's what they played live too sadly, from the few samples they've put up the new stuff sounds better

eh in what era exactly? the timeline is kinda.. funky with this genre, since say 1990-1993 it was in it's "proto" stage with Eucharist's demos and A Velvet Creation and At the Gates' death metal weirdness up to With Fear when they started to sound more like what melodeath was to become yet still pretty weird and their own thing, Skydancer in 1993 or 1994, Lunar Strain in 1994 The Gallery in 1995... SOTS 1996 along with The Jester Race and Black Earth by Arch Enemy.. Mirrorworlds in 1997 along with Shadowsouls' Garden 

I guess there were a bunch of good bands, but a lot of these other fringe bands like GOI and what not... did not enjoy much.. I though the riffs were watered down and lacking in anything special but just got recognition because hey it's Sweden lol 
NosferatuZodd09. Hehe I guess my definition of that era is a little less precise. Early to late 90's is what I was thinking. And yes! As with any scene, there were a handful of innovators, and then some other bands that get to go along or the ride because they are from said scene's geological area.
This is really old now(op was back in 2006). I just read that Gates of Ishtar drummer died. That lead to me finding out the Gates Of Ishtar had started jamming again. I also found a digital copy of The Everdawn - Poems with remixed songs from 2012. Does anybody have any other info? More specifically, is Gates of Ishtar once again disbanded now that their drummer has RIP’d?