Hey all.

I found a deal on a used S-1 Schecter and it looks and plays great for the money, but the paint isn't so pleasing to my eye. I want it to look purdy, and now it just looks boring. So I was thinking, since it's such a steal, I'd try to give it a paint job. Now, I'm not great with the insides of guitars and exactly how they work, but this would be a good project to get me familiar with it, AND I have some experience with woodworking already.

However, the complication is that the neck is a set-neck, and I feel like this is going to really get in the way of things.

Is it still possible to remove the neck to give the body a paintjob? If yes, how difficult would it be to get it back on correctly (I suspect this would be a huge pain)? Is it easier to just leave it on and cover it with something (ie, sealed off carefully with tape/plastic/whatever I can McGyver? Could I simply remove the fretboard and paint the neck along with the guitar?

Basically, what's the easiest way for me to paint this?

For reference, here is Schecter's specifications page for the S-1
you dont' want ot take off the neck it'll cause way too many complications. What you'll want to do it your going ot want to take off all the hardware, and paint the neck, body and all. Just tape off the fret baord and the top of the headstock unless you wnat to paint that and lose hte schecter logo sticker peice. But if you dont' want ot he neck paitned you'll have ot find a subtle way to tape off hte neck without making it look odd. So I'd just go with taping off the fret board and headstock top, scuff with 220 primer paint your color coat and clear it then buff. -kaplac(a banned guy)
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