hey yall. since i have a job now, ive got money to spend on some new gear. i used to own a bass but ended up selling it cause i needed money, its ok is was some cheap off brand that sucked. anyways, ive been trying out basses lately and ive found the bass for me, the SR505. but im considering getting the SR500. i mainly play hard rock and metal and usually in drop C. so which would be the better way to go, get the SR500 and tune it down to drop C or get the SR505 and just tune the B string up to C. and if i did that, would i need to adjust it? i dont know much about basses so thats why im asking.
well, you need the range of the five string, so you should get it. just tune down a step if you need the efficiency of the open G, C, and F you would get with drop C or D standard.
Personally, I LOVE the sound of my SR505 tuned down to G-C-G-C-F (Down 2 whole steps). Then you can use B string as an even lower string. The sustain is amazing, it never loses its tune, and I get a massive boomy tone. My old metal band tuned to the same thing, and I had a great tone. I could match Ryan Martinie's tone on "Happy?" and "TV Radio". But, if you really don't need that extra low G string, go with the 500.

If you just keep the bass tuned normal, you won't have as gritty a tone. It will just sound like everything else. I always love original tones, so I tuned mine down.

Good luck with your band!

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