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I was looking into buying a good electric guitar with a maximum budget of $600~650 and i found only 2 (!!) guitars at a local store, both sell for about $600, one is a Jem jr (yeah it has that written on the headstock, wierd, no?) The other, believe it or not, is an RG-something.

Now a Jem for 600? And i heard JEM jr's are fakes. How can i be sure?

Also, before suggesting anything consider that you must add about $100 to the price (That's the overhead on the official prices they charge here to make up for shipping costs)

There are better stores in the Capital, but for now these are my 'backup' options, if you will. So when i check out what more options i have i'll update but meanwhile tell me if you think any of them is fake.

Also, can you tell me why the Edge II & III trems are frowned upon, in detail?
Nope, the JEM-JR is a real production Ibanez guitar to compete with the JEM fakes out there. It's a low priced guitar (shouldn't cost you that much even, $400 max). It's a really bad guitar, the neck is alright but the tremolo is an ILT1 which is absolutely horrible, worse than the Edge Pro III. You'd be better off buying an RG.

Any Ibanez trem < Edge Pro, is frowned upon because Ibanez use cheap soft metal to make them so the bridge saddles wear out really fast. The Edge Pro is top quality, as is the Low Pro and is, in my opinion, better than an OFR. Try to find an S-Series guitar, they have the killer ZR Tremolo which, I think is even better than the Edge Pro. The S has 22 frets however.
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The JEM Jr. is a POS.

DONT LISTEN TO REDAXE. The Edge PRO rules. The Edge rules. the Lo-PRO Edge rules. the ZR rules.

The Lo-TRS II sucks, the Lo-TRS sucks, the Edge Pro II sucks, the Edge Pro III sucks.

If the RG is above 5xx series, as in a 1570 or a 570 or whatever... go for it. If not, just save up.
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The DONT LISTEN TO REDAXE. The Edge PRO rules. The Edge rules. the Lo-PRO Edge rules. the ZR rules.

Read my post again...I never said those trems suck infact I praised them...
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Read my post again...I never said those trems suck infact I praised them...

You edited... I read you say "Any Ibanez Trem > Edge Pro"

Yeah, the Edge Pro, Edge, And Lo-Pro are pretty Equal in terms of stability and goodability.
Ok, im gonna explain you more on why they all say its a piece of crap. Its a marketing strategy from Ibanez to provide lower or mid-range Ibanezs with "not-so-good" trem. They're made out of cheap materials, softer metals and poor finishes. The soft metal makes it easier for the knife edges to wear off, dent, bent or whatever you can think off, after doing a lot of dives n such.

As for the JEM Jr., plz dont get it, its equipped with the ILT bridge, which is almost the same as the old Lo-TRS-II. The Lo-TRS II have the same route as the Original Floyd Rose, so unless you're thinking of switching them, dont get it. Also, another reason y the Lo TRS's family suck is about the arm, it wobbles a lot and always make clunky sounds when you try to dive with it. This is also experience in the low-end JEM, the JEM555, the older ones are equipped with the Lo-TRS-II but now they've changed it to the Edge Pro II (still bad).

*Lo-TRSs/Edge Pro II/Edge III(not sure) are made from Korea whereas Edge/Edge Pro/Lo-Pro Edge are made from Japan. Edge Pro II is a slight upgrade from the Lo-TRS version.

So plz consider only these trems from Ibanez if you want good reliability:
- Edge
- Lo Pro Edge
- 1995 Edge Pro
- 2003 Edge Pro
- ZR Tremolo System
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Thank you everyone!!

@Pull me under
: I play mainly Metal, melodic and some death, but probably more focused on heavy stuff like Testament. If you can suggest a good jackson and what do you think if i get a used Jackson? Any trouble with that?

@MetalUpTheAss & RedAxe & MadPickin: Thanks guys, now i got it, so if i get an Ibanez i'll get one from S, or RG 5xx series or above.

Keep the advice coming. Thanks again, All !!
Oh btw i play Heavy/melodic Metal, Hard rock and the likes.

I also need the 24 frets for COB songs, and soloing on a 24'r is much much sweeter.

How about if i look into other brands? Any suggestions?