I was just wondering what the best multi FX foot board was out there for $100

(if there even is one)

I have heard line 6 makes some great guitar pedals boards but i am not sure if they are the best for that $100

I saw the Line 6 FBV Express pedal and the price is good and the reviews are as well.

BTW this is for an electric guitar...
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The only mulit effects that would be that cheap would probably be zoom but im not sure how good they are. if i was you id save a little more money and buy a Boss ME50, they are a bit more expensive but they are great for starting off
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That Line 6 Pedal you mentioned is just an accessory to be used with Line 6 Products like the POD XT, The Flextone...etc.
none of them are very good.

what effects are u looking for and what amp are u using?

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Zooms effects are ok. not fantastic, but bearable. Quite reliable too, but you'd be better saving up, or buying seperate pedals.
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Yea I will have a look at a used GT-6

I just was going to spend $100 on a DigiTech DF-7 and thought why not try to get the most out of that $100 with more FX for one pedal

but now I see that you have to go well over $100 to get something that's good.

Thanks for the info.