I've been looking for a new guitar amp, I can spend up to $600, possibly more if I really need to. I'd like a tube amp with enough distortion to play death metal. I currently playing a Ibanez RG321 (after the amp I'll get a new guitar) through a Boss Metal Zone into a Marshall MG15. I know the amp sucks, that's why I need a new one.

I've been to every guitar store in the area, and I drove an hour to Guitar Center to check out what they have. I haven't found anything close to what I want. So I basically either have to go back to guitar center to find an amp that works well with my distortion pedal, or buy an amp that I've never played (I was thinking maybe a used 5150?).

I understand that the metal zone will suck through a tube amp, but I don't think I can get as much gain as I want from an overdrive pedal. I know people love tubescreamers, it just doesn't have nearly the amount of gain I need.

I have put a lot of time into researching new amps, etc. but I really don't know if I want to spend around $600 on an amp that I MIGHT like. I just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on what to do. Any help would be appreciated.
A used 5150 would probably be really nice for you actually, were there any in the shops you went in? (or 6505's?)
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No, the local stores only had Line 6 and Crate SS amps. Guitar Center had a good selection, but nothing with the amount of gain I need.